Homebrewery and farm specialitiesQuality food

In Hotel Victoria we prepare only food made of high quality ingredients. We try to take the advantage of local farm products. Our meals and products are made in traditional natural ways, without using any artificial preservatives, they are always fresh, tasty and healthy.

Rich breakfast buffet including home-made specialities is available for all our guests:

  • farm dairy products (yoghurt, cheese, ricotta)
  • farm meat products (sausages, bacon, hams)
  • home-made groceries and pastries
  • free range chicken eggs (omelettes, fried, boiled, …)


Hotel restaurant for up to 60 people is a dining center of the whole accommodation facility. A pleasant get-together, homemade beer, meat selected from home stead, carefully chosen selection of wines and qualified staff that can advise you when needed, what you could like. Our staff is a part of our hotel family. They will take care of you in a very skillful and friendly way, so that you are satisfied and a get-together in the restaurant is a pleasant gourmet and social experience.


We prepare home brew beer according to traditional recipes with procedures based on natural substances only. We brew beer from hundred-percent ingredients – grain malt, hop and water. It is water that is important, because it gives the beer its uniqueness. Fatra is an area rich in mineral springs, and is famous for its unique quality of water streams. The brewery is usually open Friday and Saturday since 16:00 until 23:00 (Change of opening hours may occur). Outside these hours you can get our selection of draft beer in the hotel restaurant.

Our awards

Our beers

  • Victoria Pils 12°
  • Victoria Dark 13°
  • Victoria Weizen 13°
  • Victoria red Ale 14°
  • Victoria Porter 18°
  • Victoria Opat 20°

Wine cellar

A friendly get-together with wine or an instructed wine tasting of Slovak and foreign wines? Our wine cellar enables you to experience at an oak table a feeling of discovering new tastes, getting to know the varieties and types of wine or pleasantly spent time with your friends.

Lounge “El Barco”

A get-together with your business partner after a successful business meeting in a stylish lounge with the possibility to taste good cognac, whiskey and cigars opens new possibilities for your business.